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Top Diaper Brands

The need for diapers has been around since the beginning of time. Throughout history, parents have created various versions of diapers using a wide range of materials, depending on the natural resources available. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that the disposable diaper came into being as we know it today. Today there are several diaper brands available that have taken great strides since the diapers beginning. Technological advances in materials used have taken the disposable diaper to a whole new level. This are the 5 best diaper brand available.Huggies Diapers


Pampers is one of the best diaper brands that is the most widely known. It was introduced by Procter & Gamble back in 1961 and paved the way for a whole new category of baby products. Pampers has steadily maintained its leadership role in the diaper industry by providing several innovations including a lotion top sheet that protects a baby’s skin and a rash guard diaper which is designed to help treat and prevent diaper rash. Pampers product line includes Pampers Swaddlers, Custom_Fit Cruisers and Baby-Dry with Quick-Grips.


Huggies is the second leading diaper brand and is a market innovator as well. Over the years, they have continuously evolved with new diaper products to meet the changing needs. This brand of diaper has made several innovative improvements to provide extra comfort, a more natural fit, reduced diaper rash and improved overall skin wellness. These innovations and benefits can be found in their wide product array including the Huggies Supreme diapers, OverNites, Supreme Gentle Care and Natural Fit.


Luvs diapers are another superb quality brand of diapers offering great leakage protection that they back with a satisfaction guarantee. Their diapers feel soft and smell fresh, are very absorbent without a lot of bulk, and added elastic features to make it fit nicely to your baby.

4-Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is an alternative diaper brand that has recently gained popularity by the environmentally conscious. This diaper product is chlorine free. They are also non-toxic and not irritating to a baby’s skin. Not only are these chlorine free diapers less harmful to the environment, but they are also gentler to a baby’s sensitive skin.


gDiapers are the last diaper brand I’d like to highlight. This baby product is very Earth friendly in that it is a flushable diaper. This is possible because they are made up of biodegradable ingredients that break down in years, not centuries. This alternative disposable diaper brand offers a lot of convenience, less smell, less garbage and no guilt. gDiapers are a great alternative to other disposable diapers. They are an excellent solution to the large environmental burden placed on our landfills. Plus, for those already environmentally conscious, gDiaper products offer a lot more convenience versus the use of cloth diapers. You now have an option to be environmentally friendly with your diaper choice.

To find out which brand of diaper is best for your baby, I recommend you try samples of each. There is also a wealth of information and parent groups on the Internet that discuss all the brands above. Keep in mind, a diaper that is suitable for others might not fit your baby’s requirements.

Best Diaper Bags

There are many designer diaper bags that offer a combination of high quality and very functional design – and at a great price! In many cases, these bags are so stylish, they don’t even look like diaper bags, and they can often double as a purse. Many people report getting lots of compliments on these bags! A JJ Cole diaper bag should certainly be included at the top of the your list as a quality, fashionable bag with lots of value. In this article we will review three of the most popular JJ Cole styles.Diaper Bag

1-JJ Cole Swag Diaper Bag

With the JJ Cole Swag Bag, you get a high quality, fashionable bag at a fraction of the price of other name brand bags. The high quality, style, and practical design really make this bag a real standout. The reviews of this bag have been fabulous. This chic hobo style bag comes in a rich, animal-friendly faux leather that is phthalate- and pvc-free. It comes in your choice of two colors, either silver drop or bronze drop. The chic patterns go with many wardrobe colors – white, black, brown, many others.

The JJ Cole swag diaper bag is very practical and has several pockets, including a side insulated pocket for bottles and additional front pockets for keys, wallet, cell phone, or pacifiers. The pockets are roomy and well placed. The pockets are roomy and well placed. The bag comes with a matching changing pad that folds up and fits in a back pocket that also holds several diapers.

This bag is the perfect size. It has enough room for all your baby items, but it’s still small enough to be fashionable. It can even double as a purse. The JJ Cole swag bag is comfortable, too, with a nice, wide shoulder strap that can be worn purse style or messenger style. Plus, stroller attachments are included for convenience when you are out with the stroller. Definitely worth considering!

2-JJ Cole Mode Diaper Tote Bag

This fashionable JJ Cole mode diaper bag is made from PVC-free and phthalate-free laminated canvas that is easy to clean. The mode bag has a range of color patterns, including cocoa tree (very popular), mulberry patch, midnight dahlia, and black magnolia – be sure to check out all these patterns online. The padded shoulder strap is removable for flexible carrying positions. Stroller attachments have a no slip grip to your stroller handle. This bag has plenty of exterior and interior pockets for organizing, and a machine washable, matching changing pad is included.

A couple of reviewers found some of the outside pockets to be a little on the small side for larger items such as sippy cups or larger wallets; so this is something to consider if you plan to use the pockets for bigger items.

3-JJ Cole Technique Diaper Bag

This chic bag combines a functional interior with a stylish exterior design. The Technique has a range of colors to choose from, including green, red, and gray as well as red flower and black damask patterns. The bag is water resistant and easy to clean and is PVC- and naphthalene-free. There are multiple organizer pockets, including an insulated interior pocket for bottles. Included stroller attachments can be used for when you are out with the stroller. The main compartment has a wide, flexible opening. This bag also comes with a matching changing pad and separate wallet and pacifier pod.

4-Storksak Gigi diaper bags.

If you still haven’t seen this one, then you better look it up on the web because it is quickly becoming considered as the “must-have” diaper bags for many moms. It is made of high quality leather and has an adjustable shoulder strap as well so you could fit it in any way that’s most comfortable for you. Its even equipped with a removable holder for Thermos-insulated bottles plus many additional pockets for different purposes where you may place your cell phones, keys, and your baby’s other belongings. Actually, it’s even large enough for you to fit a laptop just in case you would need to do that.

Along with Storksak Gigi, even the Storksak Emily diaper bag is also getting a lot of attention from both the media and the public because celebrity mom Angelina Jolie has been seen several times using it.

If you also want to get your own trendy bags, go online now and start ordering a Storksak Gigi or a Storksak Emily. These bags ship as quickly as 4 to 7 days so you should purchase it right away if you want nothing more than a fashionable bag with very functional features. This is one of the best diaper bags because even reviews about it are mostly positive.

Whichever diaper bag style fits your budget and needs, again be sure to consider the value of your purchase. Focus on getting great quality and fashion at the best price.